Monday, October 04, 2004

Bush Officials Try To Answer The Detroit News

Last week I linked some articles from the Detroit News that examined how the working poor suffered more under the Bush tax cuts, see "Bush Hates the Working Poor" in my archives in September.

Well, this Sunday the Detroit News printed a response from the White House. "Bush officials denied that the tax cuts were paid for by eliminating or scaling back programs for the poor. The tax cuts, another $146 billion of which was approved last week by Congress, have not yet been paid for, they said."

Have not yet been paid for. So the White House doesn't include any of the cuts in programs into the tax cuts. OK, that means the Bush tax cuts have all been tacked onto the budget deficit and federal debt. And since they haven't been paid for, those tax cuts must some day actually be paid back otherwise our country will always have a budget deficit and an increasing federal debt.

Maybe the Bush Administration is expecting that their tax cuts will revive the economy and eventually the tax cuts will eventually be paid for through added tax collections. But even if the economy can someday match the boom years of the late 1990s, increased tax revenues won't be as high as those years as the Bush tax cuts decreased the amount of taxes collected from individuals, particularly the rich who most benefit from a booming economy.

If the Bush tax cuts as the White House explains haven't been paid for, then someday taxes will have to increase to ever have a chance at balancing the budget again. Either that or more government programs will have to be cut which will be exactly what the Bush Administration claims they haven't done.

The Bush Administration math evidently is to never have a balanced budget again, at least on their watch. How disingenuous are these people? They have a plan to balance the budget all right, their plan is to push their plan into the future for some other administration to have to tell the naked truth to Americans, "We have to raise taxes to balance the budget and/or cut more programs, maybe even the military." Republicans (at least the ones occupying the White House) apparently don't believe in fiscal conservatism anymore unless it's a Democrat in the White House. The Bush mantra is "fiscal conservatism is for the Democratic presidents, not us."

It was a Republican Congress and Democratic President Bill Clinton that worked together to create a balanced budget that then went on to have surpluses in the last couple of years of the boom economy. The federal government was actually addressing the federal debt. But along came George Bush and in the beginnings of a recession decided the American taxpayer essentially needed to run up a big bill on the federal credit card. Never mind just staying on target to at least have a balanced budget, no we had to delve back into the depths of red. Worse, the richest Americans that weren't in the least bit worried about foreclosures on their home, having a good paying job, having health insurance, putting food on the table, etc, etc,, their portion of the federal credit card bill was reduced much more than was good for the budget.


Blogger Heather S. said...

They're just assuming that no one will think that far ahead. And if Bush gets in again, who knows how much more he'll put onto the federal credit card. After all, I'm sure he'll find many more countries harbouring alleged terrorists/"nucular" weapons/anti-American government/oil etc. Those issues neeed to be delt with, using the iron fist of American justice.

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