Friday, October 01, 2004

Allawi Debate

It sure sounds like the Bush Administration helped write Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's speech to Congress. So then in the days following Bush praised Allawi's speech. Isn't that interesting, Bush praises a speech that was basically written by the White House, no surprise there.

Allawi came up in last nights debate, from the transcipt,

KERRY: Now, Prime Minister Allawi came here, and he said the terrorists are pouring over the border.  That‘s Allawi‘s assessment. The national intelligence assessment that was given to the president in July said, best-case scenario, more of the same of what we see today; worst-case scenario, civil war. I can do better.

BUSH:  Yes, let me...

LEHRER:  Yes, 30 seconds.

BUSH:  The reason why Prime Minister Allawi said they‘re coming across the border is because he recognizes that this is a central part of the war on terror.  They‘re fighting us because they‘re fighting freedom.

Now, Bush is only supposing what Allawi is thinking because he didn't say anything about "a central part of the war on terror." If I were to take a guess at what Allawi is thinking it would be, "They're coming across the border, help! Can't you stop them from coming into my country, please!"

You can bet that Iraqis are going to eventually reject Allawi. He has been out of the country for years and he was working for the CIA. Arabs working for the CIA don't generally get much respect in the Middle East. But for now he is the Bush installed leader and will of course try to manuever an election win someday when Iraq actually has a legitimate election. Ayad Allawi is not the answer for Iraq anymore than scam artist Ahmed Chalabi was. Just having Bush backing him probably doesn't endear Allawi to the Iraqi people.


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