Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Tonight, Round One

So tonight is the big debate. I'd say it is probably the most important one as the subject is about security and foreign policy. I've believed for quite some time now that the Iraq War is the most important issue. The country has become essentially equally divided on whether the war was a mistake.

John Kerry has to answer the flip flop accusations about his position on Iraq. I feel for the guy a bit. It has to be hard to explain your future position about Iraq when the Bush Administration keeps making it worse. A few months back Kerry could have been a bit more positive about Iraq, but then Abu Ghraib hit the media. Kerry has recently been more vocal about the mistakes being made, but he will have to do more tonight.

I certainly don't expect him to speak to my view, withdrawal as soon as possible, but he should try to at least allude to it. He certainly has to point out the many mistakes made by the administration, but then he will need to express his vision. This is the tightrope he will need to walk.

He probably should flat out say something to the effect that given that he doesn't know how many more mistakes the Bush Administration will make before he would take office, it would be hard to predict how he will fix them. But he can't leave it at that. He will still have to be put on the spot, I'm curious how he is going to answer this without addressing the half of the country that now thinks the war is a mistake. I believe he will have to be positive toward a withdrawal scenario. Well, we shall see.


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