Monday, September 27, 2004

Mission Accomplished Redux

George Bush in an interview with Fox News to be aired on "The O'Reilly Factor" in the next three days declared that he would still have put on that flight suit and said "Mission Accomplished."

Let's focus on some of the facts of that day and what happened subsequently.

*The donning of the flight suit was just a political photo op gimmick, Bush did not land the plane.

*The aircraft carrier had to be purposely delayed from port to accommodate the photo op and the ship was close enough to use a helicopter rather than a fighter jet.

*The banner "Mission Accomplished" was not the idea of the military personnel on board as the White House first claimed. The White House later admitted that they had the banner made for the event.

*Our tax dollars paid for this staged event.

*Less than 150 U.S. troops had died prior to Bush calling the mission accomplished. Since then more than 900 have died.

*He never really explained what the mission was. Was it to find the weapons of mass destruction? Haven't found them. Was it to capture Saddam Hussein? That happened many months later. Was it to give Iraqis democracy? Still pending. Was it to secure Baghdad? Still not secure and who could forget the looting that we couldn't or didn't stop.

I don't know why Bush would want to repeat his "Mission Accomplished" ham of an acting job. It could be just another tongue tied Bushism or maybe he just doesn't want to admit that the event was a dud in retrospect. He could have let the aircraft carrier return to port on time so that the troops could get some needed rest. He could have simply greeted the troops as they disembarked with some grateful handshakes.

No, Bush had to play the role of some John Wayne war hero. Yet Bush was not a war hero, he didn't choose to fight in Viet Nam when he easily could have. No, Bush must have some type of strange memory. He still thinks he was some type of hero riding shotgun, with his non-combat costume on and with a movie headline to greet him, "Mission Accomplished." Or so he still seems to think.


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