Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tell the House NO, Repeal of D.C. Firearms

This may sound awful, but I can't wait for the day when a member of Congress gets shot with a gun when they are hanging around Washington. This seems like the only thing that will wake up these butt kissers of the NRA. Today the House of Representatives is expected to pass HR 3193, the repeal of the ban on firearms in the District of Columbia.

There are several reasons that the House has decided to vote on this issue.

First and foremost, it is getting down to the wire on the November election and the pro-gun. NRA paid for, Representatives in the House want to send a message to their constituents back home. But not all their constituents, only those that drool over the vast amounts of weaponry that the NRA mistakenly believes they have a right to own. They hope that those who don't want assault weapons on our streets won't notice or care about what happens in the District of Columbia and thus they won't lose votes in their elections back home. Most of them feel fairly safe anyway, either they don't have challengers, or they are leading in polls.

In recent polls nearly 70% of the country believes assault weapons should be banned, despite this statistic Congress and President Bush allowed the national assault weapons ban to expire. But that wasn't good enough for the NRA, now the District of Columbia's laws are to be attacked.

Thus the second reason for the resolution, they want to exert control over the District of Columbia. Since D.C. is not a state, Congress can overide the D.C. local government and not face challenges in the court system of an issue of state rights vs federal authority. As most of the proponents of HR 3193 are Republicans who purport to favor state rights, they can sidestep the accusation that home rule is being overrun by the federal government. They can say that D.C. is not a state so they are not opposing a state law.

The third reason, I somehow think they do want to get shot going to work. Maybe it's some wierd logic, they could later argue "we need even MORE guns." If HR 3193 passes it will scrap every gun law in the District of Columbia, here is what the resolution will allow.

* For teenagers and adults to openly carry a loaded semiautomatic rifle, including an AK-47 semiautomatic assault rifle, on city streets without a permit [H.R. 3193, sections 7-8, repealing D.C. Code sections 7-2502.02, 7-2502.03, 7-2507.02]

* To store firearms, including semiautomatic assault weapons, unlocked and loaded in a home with children [H.R. 3193, section 7, repealing D.C. Code section 7-2507.02]

* To purchase and use a firearm, including a semiautomatic assault weapon, if you are legally blind [H.R. 3193, section 8, repealing D.C. Code section 7-2502.03]

* To refuse to report to police that firearms, including semiautomatic assault weapons, were stolen from your home [H.R. 3193, section 8, repealing D.C. Code section 7-2502.08]

* To shoot squirrels or other animals with a firearm, including a semiautomatic assault weapon, in your front yard [H.R. 3193, section 3, amending D.C. Code section 1-303.43]

* To purchase and possess loaded firearms, including semiautomatic assault weapons, even if a court has declared you to be a chronic alcoholic [H.R. 3193, section 8, repealing D.C. Code section 7-2502.03]

* To purchase and possess loaded firearms, including semiautomatic assault weapons, even if a court has declared that you have negligently killed someone with a gun [H.R. 3193, section 8, repealing D.C. Code section 7-2502.03]

This is more than just an issue for the citizens of the District of Columbia as Washington, D.C. is a very popular tourist destination, so this affects many Americans. If you care about allowing the District of Columbia to have the power to keep the laws on the books that they passed previously, if you believe in home rule, then e-mail your representative. If you think the above list of things that would be allowed is not what you would want to face should you visit Washington D.C. then call your representatitive.

The House of Representatives has decided they can wipe out the gun laws and are planning to do so today. But We the People have the right to have our say, e-mail your representative this morning, right now, please.

E-mail Congress, take action.

Read about HR 3193...


Blogger R said...

Oh my God, who thinks up of this legislative language? You can own and use a firearm if you're legally blind?!?

10:39 AM  
Blogger jon said...

The House passed the bill, now it is up to the Senate to stop it.

2:17 PM  

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