Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Coulter Kook

If there is one conservative that deserves the name fascist, it has to be Ann Coulter. She is so far right, I wouldn't even believe George Bush would like her.

Just from this interview with Amazon you have to wonder about her. When asked to name five books she would recommend for someone to become an informed voter, she names her three books, what an ego. She also names the Bible as a book to become an informed voter, excuse me? I've read the Bible, no where in that book does it mention anything about democracy, much less the United States, nothing about political parties, polling stations, registration, the Constitution, debates, etc.

In one of her books she claimed that all Democrats were traitors and communists. I must have missed something in history class as the military face-offs against communism in the last century were all initiated by Democrats. Korean War, Harry Truman, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Viet Nam, John F. Kennedy. But of course she also claims to be a big fan of Joe McCarthy, who would have put anyone in jail for sneezing, if he thought sneezing was a communist plot.

She adds, "I repeat: The survival of the Republic is threatened by the election of John Kerry." Of course she has no explaination as to why this doomsday prediction would come true. Making a "all is lost" statement like that just shows what a loony tunes she really is. As much as I am against Bush, I would never claim that electing Bush would result in some type of Republic catastrophe.

She also seems to casually mention, "Also, some people can’t be negotiated with but have to be crushed; e.g., the Taliban, al Qaeda, possibly North Korea and Iran, Pat Leahy, Carl Levin, Richard Ben-Veniste... "

Wow, she equates Democrats with the Taliban and Al Qaeda? She would have these men and others (indicated by the repeat dots) crushed? Is she threatening their lives? Probably so, she has on other occasions expressed a wish for Democrats to die. Again I would never suggest Bush should be crushed like Al Qaeda. You have to wonder what part of the Bible she is reading, certainly nothing from the writings of Jesus. Oh, wait, isn't that in Genesis or Exodus somewhere, "Thou shalt crush thine Democrats as thy shall crush Al Qaeda."

She's a real piece of work. I have to wonder at the people who believe in her and actually pay her money when buying her books. Anyway, the link I use is at Amazon and if you want, buy her book. She couldn't pay me to read any of them. Well, actually for a good portion of her wealth, I'd waste my time blowing through her books. They would make great fodder for my blog.


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