Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate One, Initial Reaction

My first reaction to the overall tone of the debate was that it was a good demonstration of the differences between the two on foreign policy and the Iraq War.

John Kerry did what he needed to do, and that was to show that he was at least an equal to George Bush and to show that he had a presidential presence. I would think that most people can look at John Kerry now as someone who has the look of someone that can address the American people with words of leadership. He had good composure, not displaying a sense of anger when you knew he had some right to be angry.

George Bush on the other hand, didn't seem to rise to the occasion. We heard his usual talking points, which caused him to be on the defensive part of the time. And Bush certainly had a look of not wanting to be there during the time Kerry was speaking. Bush was producing the strangest kind of looks on his face, he looked worried at times.

I have not addressed the actual issues, because most people in this country have already picked their candidate based on their opinion on the Iraq War mainly of the foreign policy issues. It is those few undecided voters who may relate more to the stage presence of the candidates that will be more influenced by the visuals of the debate. John Kerry showed he could stand up there and debate in a cool and calm manner and be quite interested in the whole thing. Bush seemed bored and not really wanting to be there.

Kerry did what he needed to do, show Americans he can be president. He looked comfortable, and Americans certainly saw that.


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