Friday, March 03, 2006

Afghanistan, The Invisible War

I read a good article pertaining to Afghanistan by cartoonist/columnist Ted Rall. I agree with his viewpoint that is titled "The Other Bad War."

In the article he points out that even much of the progressive left has been quiet about the war we never hear about. Maybe he read a blog I posted back in October.

We both agree that Afghanistan is unwinnable. We both are appalled at some of our tactics in that country. I had cited an incident where US troops had burned bodies of dead Taliban and broadcast to the local town what they did in order to incite anger. I've also posted about the completely mangy treatment of the parents of former NFL player Pat Tillman by the Bush Administration, using Tillman as a propaganda gimmick. Ted Rall discusses the prison problems in Afghanistan

In my October post I explain my feelings about Afghanistan. Like most Americans I was numbed by 9/11 and hadn't begun to think clearly and rationally about the response. It seemed natural to attack Afghanistan, but as in Iraq the Bush effort was lacking and uninformed.

A point that Ted Rall makes is the lack of commentary against the Afghanistan War from progressives which I had as well noticed. When I wrote that October post I felt alone in my opinion. It did seem lonely expressing opposition to something that very few voices spoke about. Running across Rall's column has given me a feeling of being in a little cliche no one wants to hear from. I'm sure there are others who have expressed similar ideas, but I can guarantee that those people are not in the mainstream media or the mainstream Democratic Party.

I'll say it again, we've lost the Afghanistan War, we just haven't realized it yet.


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