Friday, March 03, 2006

Polling Paradox?

Another poll came out (USA Today) that has Bush at a 38% approval rating, the pollsters contend he is down due to the Dubai Port debate. Nearly 70% disapprove of selling the port to the Dubai company. But here's the odd number from the poll, Dick Cheney's numbers are up. His approval rating is now at 40%.

So, Cheney has a better approval rating than Bush. I'm beyond confused. What has Cheney done in months to deserve an upswing? The only thing that he has done that the public would notice is to shoot a guy in the face. Otherwise he's been mostly vacant or I guess in his undisclosed location.

It's odd how I seem to fall into some weird category about the Dubai port deal. I'm not upset about the deal because I don't really sense that there really is some sort of security risk, which is why most Americans are opposed to the deal.

My objection is mostly about another country running our businesses. I find it odd that the free enterprise Bushies are willing to let the United Arab Emirates own many of our ports, rather than a private company. A government run business is socialist, I thought that was antithetical to Republican ideals.

I have no problem with government owned and operated businesses, but if the business is in the United States, then it should be run by OUR government, not a foreign government.


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