Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lame Excuses For Cheney Shooting, Bush Spying

This past week I've read several editorials and letters, and seen enough pundits to make me barf that are laying out the same lame excuse for Dick Cheney's shooting. The line goes like this; It's a personal matter, it's not for the public to worry about.

This is just more claptrap that the Cheney/Bush supporters would never have said if the tables had been turned and it was a Democrat in the White House. But I don't care which party is in the White House, this is certainly the public's interest. Let's start with the fact that Cheney is paid by the American people through our taxes, Cheney is our employee, he answers to us. Let's add the fact that while on his hunting trip he had secret service and aides also paid for by us by our taxes. Cheney's travel to his hunting trip was footed by the taxpayers and if he had bothered to get a hunting liscence, we would have probably have had to slip him the seven bucks for that too.

So when my employee, the vice president, is out shooting a guy in the face on my dime, I want to know about it. I want to know all the details, I want to know if my employee is being responsible. Only someone that believe an employee can essentially give the finger to those that pay him should be saying it's a "personal matter."

Let's as well compare this to the corporate world. Corporations believe they have the right to delve into our personal life, they drug test, they use lie detectors, some companies are even firing people for smoking cigarettes (a legal product) off the job. Well, Cheney comes from the corporate world (CEO of Halliburton) he should understand if his employers (the American people) would like him to submit to a drug test and a lie detector test. I say let's clear up what really happened on that ranch that day, put Cheney in a chair and submit to a lie detector.

As to the Bush domestic spy program, the lame excuse is "well, if you're not guilty you shouldn't be against the government eavesdropping on your conversations." Again these are Bush/Cheney supporters for the most part, Republicans who USED to say they hate big brother government. They now apparantly trust our government, a government that spied on such "terrorists" such as Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon among the multitudes our government in the past "feared." Again let me reiterate, all the money spent spying on people who we have nothing to fear from (those who are not guilty of anything) is a waste of my money (taxes).

The big brother government Republicans and supporters of Bush have now fallen in love with is driven by vague fear, a fear the big brother Bush has been yapping at us for about four years now. These people now like a government that is moving to practices that are more in vein with fascism or state communism. These were the big brother governments we fought against, now we are becoming like them, in fact cheered on by the right, "Go big brother Bush, go!"

Spying on Americans is wrong, we don't do that in a democracy. They did that in fascist and communist countries. They do that in theocracies like Iran, they do that in dictatorships, like when Hussein ran Iraq. When did we decide we want to be like those type of countries? When Bush said so, that's when. And apparently when all the blind faith followers of Bush agreed with him.

Bush can be refered to as Commander in Chief of our armed forces, but when did he get the added title of Commander in Chief of the American people?


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I couldn't have said it better myself! It may have been an accident, but since when are accidents not investigated and questioned? Would the reverse scenario work? Let an unlicensed driver (citizen) try telling a police officer (paid by the citizens) at the scene of an traffic accident, "it's a personal matter". Would he be able to just pay for the license he should have had in the 1st place, and then just walk away with no further action? Maybe he could designate some guy that was a football field away as his "designated witness" Yeah, right!

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