Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheney Interview, Drinking?

Yesterday I posted about the Cheney interview on Fox News. I failed to mention something that didn't fit right.

Cheney explained that he had drank one beer at lunch well before the shooting. But interesting is that previously the ranch owner and "designated witness" had said that no one had drank any alcohol.

It should also be noted that Fox never aired the part where Cheney said he had one beer. Curious but exactly as I had described a taped interview yesterday, that some questions/answers would be edited out later.

The ranch owner, Mrs. Armstrong, was already caught giving two different versions to the story to two different newspapers, now what of the difference between her no drinking and Cheney's one beer? Or was it more than one beer?

Armstrong was not even a good witness because she didn't actually see the shooting. She said she was in a pick-up truck and saw all the secret service agents running over to the scene and imagined that Cheney was having a heart problem.

And I'm having problems buying that Cheney was in control of his weapon. He shot the man in the face, neck and chest, that's nearly ground level, the birds were that low? And was Cheney really 30 yards away from his victim considering the damage the man received?

We'll probably really never know the truth. Isn't that such a repeatable phrase ever since Bush has been president?


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