Monday, January 23, 2006

Book Tally

My last post I explained my book reading estimates for a year, about 25 or so. And I also have blogged about all the books I've read so far this year, except one, which I will do shortly. Including this one, I'm up to three books this year and this month and I'm in the middle of one right now.

That last post I mentioned that I'm not into fiction books much, but the first book I read this year was a fiction book. A Christmas gift was the book The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancey.

Basically if you like international spy thrillers then you can't go wrong with Clancey. I liked the series that had the CIA operative Jack Ryan, that three of the books became movies, The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

In Teeth of the Tiger, Clancey brings us back to Jack Ryan in a way with a central character being his son, grown up and ready for the spy business. This book keeps to Clancey's theme of being involved with whatever seems to threaten the US at the time. So naturally it involves Islamic terrorism and a major attack on US soil.

I won't go on anymore as since this is fiction the rule of thumb is not to give away too much of the plot and certainly not the ending. I will say this, the attack on the United States happens midway into the book and what follows is the hunting down of the mastermind. If I had had any say in the plot though, I would have made the hunting down part as a sort of race against time to foil a second attack, which is not quite what Clancey does. Oops, I hope I haven't given too much away. Anyway, it was a decent read.


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