Friday, January 06, 2006

Bush Will Stop Torturing, Or Will He?

George Bush is God. How do I know this? Because when recently Bush signed the anti-torture bill that was started by John McCain, Bush decided to add his interpretation to the bill. He basically said that if he wanted to (under the power of the presidency) he would not follow the law.

This is how Bush does politics. He could have vetoed the law, although he has yet to veto anything and besides the law passed so overwhelmingly that his veto would be overturned. So instead he adds a quick remark to the bottom of the bill as a "just in case" exception thereby altering the bill he signed.

Our president is suppose to be a person that follows laws just like all Americans. Sure, a president gets some special powers and some allowances as to some laws that don't have to be followed, but when Congress sends him a law to sign, he is suppose to follow that law if he signs it. By signing he agrees to those words, yet Bush feels he doesn't have to do it that way.

Imagine if any of us signed a contract but then at the bottom wrote that we would follow it most of the time but not under certain circumstances not explained. That contract would be torn up and we would be told we couldn't do that. When our city, county, state makes a law, no one gets to write in at the bottom that the law will be followed except under a personal exception.

But maybe I'm thinking up the wrong tree on this. Maybe torture should be welcomed. Maybe we all should be able to torture. When we find out we've been cheated on the receipt at the grocery store we should be able to torture the clerk and managers and owners until our money is given back. Let's just skip laws and "innocent until proven guilty" and court systems and innocent mistakes and mistaken identities and all that tedious stuff called the legal system, let's just go straight to torture.

We could torture stupid people. For instance after Pat Robertson's latest dumb remarks that Israels's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was caused by God, we should be able to go to Robertson's TV studio and torture him on the air until he apologizes to basically everyone including God. And after torturing Robertson, we could torture the owners of his station for letting him continue to say stupid things on TV.

Ah, but I'm just not into torture. I'd rather stick to laws. I may not like all our laws, but citizens can take action to change laws they don't like. We've outlawed torture and that's a law I agree with. It's too bad that Bush doesn't agree. It's also too bad that he seems to think he can change a law AS he signs it. We shall see if he will be able to get away with this one.


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