Friday, December 16, 2005

Back From Hiatus

Hey, Web!

You can't hide from me. My computer went down, but now we have a new one. A brand spanking new laptop with all the kicks and giggles.

I do have to admit that it felt a bit "out of touch" to not have a home computer. I've had more than six years of on-lining. I started back in 1997 on a Compaq with Windows 95. Went to a laptop with Win98. Following that was an iMac (which may still be repaired) and now the new laptop (Acer) with XP.

This new laptop has the Wi-Fi, which allows me to go mobile if our power at home goes out. Where I work, they have free Wi-Fi, so I could always go up there when it's open (if I'm not working). It's funny, sometimes we have cars pull up and not come inside, they just hang in their cars stealing the Wi-Fi. I can be one of those people now.

But I'm basically an at home computer user. I like to have a comfy chair and be relaxed when Webbing. So, relaxed as I am right now, time to go though.


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