Sunday, December 04, 2005

Republican Scandal from Spokane, WA

The scandal of Republican Spokane, Washington Mayor Jim West has to be one of the most embarrassing scandals Republicans have been involved in.

The story goes like this. Mayor West was caught in a sting done by local conservative newspaper Spokesman-Review. West was found to be trolling for gays in a chat room and offered a job in the mayor's office to the newspaper's "victim." He was performing his internet gay surfing from his office during work time.

Before I go on, I should note that I'm not opposed to gays, but I am opposed to Republicans that are against the gay lifestyle but then turn out to be gay as Mayor West has been revealed. I'm also opposed to politicians doing any kind of internet dating during work using government computers.

The story continues that Mayor West is now facing a recall vote this coming Tuesday. He now claims that he has given up chat rooms and his gay sex life. So, rather than just live the sexual lifestyle that he is, he is attempting to ignore his inclination. It won't work, he is what he is, denying it won't change that.

In his recall attempt, he is finding it very hard to find any campaign contributors from his party. The Republicans in Washington state have run away him, yet he still wants to cling to his little power job.

I find this example of hypocrisy from the Republicans so strange. All over the country they want to ban gay marraige, yet time and again we learn of closet homosexual Republican politicians. They reside in a party that hates them so they try to keep their inclination hidden. They know that if the outed themselves it would be political suicide. I guess I'm unclear why they would be in that party in the first place. I suppose that they grow up with Republican friends hiding their true feelings because they've developed party connections.

Mayor West has now found out what his party thinks of him now that he's been outed, they basically abhor him. They've distanced themselves and aren't willing to accept his apologies. In contrast, many Republican politicians have been caught having affairs, yet in most of these cases party friends accept the apologies. Case in point is in my state of Michigan where Republican Attorney General Mike Cox has been forced to admit to having two affairs on his wife, yet he is not going to drop out of his upcoming reelection campaign. In fact many in his party are accepting of his apologies and plan to back him.

So Republicans will accept apologies from two-timing cheats but not from outed gays. I guess this religious conservatism called Republicanism has degrees of broken morality. They accept some things that they consider immoral, and don't for other things. Hypocrisy reins in the Republican Party. Either they condemn all their politicians who prove to be immoral or they should change they're "moral" rhetoric.


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