Monday, November 14, 2005

Was Osama bin Laden Quaked?

Ever since the earthquake in Pakistan five weeks ago I've wondered if Osama bin Laden was part of the death toll. In the last two years his location is described by our government as in the mountainous border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The unofficial death toll in Pakistan currently is at 90,000.

Then today I came across this CBS News report that describes the area they visited, Jeelum Valley, as "bin Laden country." The full pertaining reference is as follows;"This is Osama bin Laden country, dotted with training camps for jihadists, where Islam is at its most radical and America is seen as the enemy."

So naturally I began to Google "Pakistan earthquake bin laden" and found other references. This from India Daily Oct. 21, "
Indian remote viewers have reported that they sense massive devastation for Al-Qaeda in Pakistan earthquake."

An earlier article also from India Daily, Oct. 11, "
Rumors in Pakistan held Kashmir points towards some massive losses for Al-Qaeda in Pakistan held Kashmir. Some international think tanks believe Osama Bin Laden hiding in the safe sanctuary of Pakistan held Kashmir may be killed by the massive quake. However, no evidence suggests that the deadly earthquake that rocked Pakistan injured or killed the world's top terror leader, Osama bin Laden. The quake shook the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where bin Laden is believed to be hiding. However, authorities at this point have no information indicating he's been injured or killed, said a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the information's sensitivity."

The problem is that speculation as to bin Laden's life or death has been going on for quite some time. A Pakistani newspaper claimed he was dead back in June in a town in Afghanistan near Kandahar. The article explains that this claim is supported by the fact that bin Laden has not had a communication in over a year. No communication though is not really support of anything except non-communication. Sifting through other websites yields the belief that the earthquake has only inhibited bin Laden's ability to send messages.

Osama bin Laden dead or alive, is how President Bush described bringing him to justice. But, Osama bin Laden dead or alive, seems to be more like a combination mythology guessing game.

It probably doesn't even matter whether he is dead. To the Jihadists his death would only be seen as martyrdom. There are plenty of others ready to take his place and in some respects already have. For instance Abu Musab al-Zarqawi leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq who has claimed responsibility for the bombings in Amman, Jordan.

It does seem essentially important though to have some kind of proof when bin Laden does die. He isn't immortal, he will die some day. As the most famous killer in the world in the last decade knowing his fate is something for the history books, but at this point probably will have little effect as to the War on Terror. What bin Laden has started has transcended him and probably has been taken out of his control. The hunt will go on though and some day an answer will be found, maybe. It might turn out that bin Laden has prepared for his death to be dealt in secrecy in order to extend a mythology. Maybe bin Laden is under the rubble of an earthquake, but if true we probably would never know and that would be a bit disappointing.


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