Saturday, October 29, 2005

Libby The Liar

The big news from yesterday of course, was the indictment of Scooter Libby who is/was Vice President Dick Cheney's right hand man. The lesser news was that Karl Rove is still President Bush's brain, at least for now.

The traditional disclaimer; An indictment is not a conviction and Libby is innocent until proven guilty. But let's face it, Libby is a liar. The charges against him, one obstruction of justice and two counts each of perjury and making false statements. He is now facing four charges of lieing and it will be surprising if he can beat the rap and ever be thought of as honest again.

I won't go into all the details of yesterdays events, they can be found all over the news and web. But I do have some thoughts about the effects as well as some wayward thoughts.

Libby was not only Cheney's top aide but had the title of Advisor to the President. He was in very close contact with both Bush and Cheney all through the last four years. He sat in on major meetings and was an intregal part of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) that created both the reason for the Iraq War and the sales pitch for the war to Americans.

I have to think that this puts into major question President Bush's "gut feeling" about people. He has made the claim that he can look someone in the eye and understand that person (Russian Premier Putin in 2001). So in all these meetings and contacts with Libby, Bush apparently can't look someone in the eye and see a liar. And that goes for Cheney as well, he didn't know of Libby's nature?

But let's get real, these guys are all buddies. They know each other well. Birds of a feather flock together. Rove is included in this gaggle. We all know what he orchestrated against John McCain in the 2000 Republican primary in South Carolina. He was the mastermind behind the whisper attack that was filled with lies about McCain and his family.

And let's not forget White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan who was adamant that Libby and Rove had nothing to do with the Plame leak case. Another liar. But hey, being a Republican liar is A-OK to their base. They believe the ends justify the means. So, don't expect that the Republican base is going to abandon their liar heros and idols.

I also think of how cowardly their tactics truly are. We well know that the reason that Plame was outed as a CIA operative was to get back at her husband Joe Wilson for standing up to the Niger/uranium lie that Bush used in his State of the Union speech. Those "16 words" inserted thanks to Cheney and the WHIGs. If they were true men they would have debated Wilson straight up on the Sunday political talk show of choice, Meet the Press for instance. Cheney had no problem going on Meet the Press and scaring us all about Iraq's nuclear weapons program (a lie), but when he got mad at Wilson his underling Libby starts a whispering campaign. Face to face debate would have been the honorable and brave thing to do.

Finally, I suspect that Libby will probably not plea bargain, he will fall on his sword and protect any other White House liar instead. Some would say that is honorable, but I say it's like a mafia hit man refusing to plea out the don.

Libby, will end up in jail most likely, serve his time (unless Bush pardons him, another low dirty deal) and reenter society with a talk radio show like other White House criminals such as Ollie North.


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