Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wilma Coverage, What a Joke

So, I'm watching CNN yesterday morning as they covered Hurricane Wilma and I happened to come across a bit of humor that they probably didn't plan.

As the weatherman was explaining the graphics of the hurricane I happened to notice his title that was displayed below his image. He was named "Severe Weather Expert." Not a weatherman or even a meterologist, but a severe weather expert. I have to now wonder about all the local weather reporters in my state for instance. Here in Michigan we experience tornados, ice storms, and blizzards among the various severe weather conditions. Will the local weather reporters upon seeing this new title for their job clamor for equal billing?

As I watched this severe weather expert chat with the reporter stationed on the west side of Florida as Wilma was clearing up, he asked that reporter (Miles O'Brien) if the flooded road behind him was rain water or ocean water that might be causing that flood. Miles, without batting an eye proceded to go back to the road and bend down to scoop some water in his hand and taste it! As he was doing this, the severe weather expert back in the studio was trying to stop him from drinking the water. As a viewer I was also telling my TV, "No, stop, don't drink the water, idiot." Miles stood back up and declared that the water "tasted brackish." Geez, I just had to laugh.

I then began to wonder if any reporter had done this water taste test after Katrina in New Orleans. I could just imagine the reporter telling the viewers, "It tastes a bit like sewer. No, stronger than that. Hmmm, that taste is so recognizable but... Wait, let me taste again. Hmmm, yes, now I know. It taste a bit like a combination of human corpse and rotted animal carcass. If any residents of New Orleans are watching, I highly suggest you avoid drinking the flood water."


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