Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Spoke On C-SPAN, he, he

One of my favorite shows on TV is "Washington Journal" which runs on C-SPAN beginning at 700am est. It has various end times as they switch to coverage of the House of Representitives when in session.

Washington Journal runs questions of political natures to be commented on air by viewers. They usually have three phone numbers, one for Bush supporters, one for Democrat supporters, and one for supporters of "others." As well the show has guests throughout with wide ranging subject matter, but usually something that pertains to important news of the day.

Yesterday, I finaly called in to ask a question of the guest, this time Walter Pincus, longtime reporter on intelligence issues for the Washington Post. The discussion was about the Valerie Plame scandal. I asked about the forged documents that purported that Saddam Hussein was trying to obtain uranium from Niger. Later of course that charge ended up in President Bush's State of the Union speech of 2003 as those "16 words" that was the impetus for Joe Wilson to speak out that those words were untrue.

If you'd like to hear my voice and question, click the link. Chose the Washington Journal show (from recent programs list) for 10/19/2005. My call was at just about 8:21 about midway into the show. They only hold the recent shows for download for 30 days, so hurry.


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