Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bush Acts Like a President

During the Rita Hurricane watch, President Bush actually acted like a president is supposed to act. He was going to visit San Antonio evacuees, but then he changed plans and waited and monitored Rita from NORTHCOM in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

This is what the president should be doing in a crisis. He should get to the closest command center and monitor the event and stay out of the way on the ground. It took Bush a few tries to get it right, but he finally did. After Katrina he was still loafing on vacation, he certainly wasn't monitoring the event. In fact he apparently wasn't watching Katrina at all. His aides
made a DVD of TV reports of Katrina and had Bush watch them on the flight back to Washington. No command center, no monitoring, no caring about Katrina. This time he acted the president and cared.

Even 9/11 he didn't act like a president. When given the news that the United States was under attack, President Bush just sat and listened to a children's story for 10 minutes and then did some photo-ops in the elementary school before finally getting with his aides and beginning to deal with that event.

It sure can take Bush a long time to figure out something. I think after five years he may have finally figured out how to act like a president during a crisis. Now let's see if he can remember this moment and repeat at the next big event.


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