Friday, September 16, 2005

Katrina Finger Pointing

FEMA directer Michael Brown (Bush's Brownie) has already resigned (or more likely was fired, as a replacement was named within the hour of his resignation) and now it seems that possibly Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff could be next.

Information is coming to light that Chertoff was more responsible than Brown for the lack of federal response to hurricane Katrina. Chertoff was unaware that the levees had broken in New Orleans for nearly a full day past the massive flooding. This despite the fact that most people watching the cable news networks were fully aware.

Chertoff was the one who had the authority (as Homeland Security Chief) to call in the military in response to the growing disaster in New Orleans. Chertoff is in charge of the National Response Plan and also who is to call for action on
"an incident of national significance."

It turns out he was in Atanta giving a briefing on avian flu as New Orleans was flooding from the broken levees. Not until Chertoff was returning from Atlanta on Aug. 30 did he begin writing the memo that declared Katrina "an incident of national significance" and put the full force of the federal government behind the relief and rescue efforts.

Sounds to me that Chertoff will be the next to go.

On a side note. I had called for President Bush to resign as he has taken the responsibilty for the lack of response. Now it turns out that Louisiana Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco has also taken responsibilty, Blanco said "At the state level, we must take a careful look at what went wrong and make sure it never happens again. The buck stops here...and, as your governor, I take full responsibilty."

So I call for her to resign as well. Do the right thing Kathleen Blanco and resign. Both you and Bush could resign together, turn in the two-weeks notice at the same time. No more politicians saying "my bad" and then not having to face a penalty.

Another thing in common about Bush and Blanco, they both called for a day of prayer (different days). I think people who pray don't need to be told when to pray. They probably started praying the moment they turned on the TV and saw the destruction.


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