Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bad Luck Bush (song lyrics)

Bad Luck Bush.

It starts in 2000, an election race
recount, Florida
Bush stole the election, in your face

Corporate scandals early in term,
Enron, Worldcom
They made Bush squirm.

Bush he likes them cee e ohs
Harkin, Arbusto
His friend Ken Lay, Kenny Boy

(Chorus, repeat where needed)
Bad Luck Bush. Bad luck Bush.
Dubya, Dubya
Bad Luck Bush.

Then a shock, a day of note
New York, nine eleven
Bush he sits reading my pet goat

Time for war, bomb Afghan
Osama, Bin Laden
Can't find him in all that land

Then war two, one's not enough you see
Attack, Iraq
Bush he said, they have WMDs

We watched TV, shock and awe
Baghdad, blasted
Fire from the sky, that's what I saw

The road to Baghdad, Saddam's head did fall
Mission, accomplished
Time to go, but "no wait" insurgents call

No WMDs, no flowers for our feet
roadside bombs,
The war goes on, with no defeat

Democrat Kerry would run against the prez
swift boat, Rathergate, then debate
close again, Bush wins the media says

The wars go on, no end in sight
Bin Laden? Elections?
Bush has excuses that don't seem right

Here comes Katina, hurricane of wrath
Biloxi, New Orleans
The gulf coast of America would take a bath

Where was Bush when Norlins drowned?
Arizona, San Diego
Bush was golfing and ranching we found.

To be continued, Bush the con
master, disaster
Pray to God, it can't go on.

Bad Luck Bush. Bad luck Bush.
Dubya, Dubya
Bad Luck Bush.


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