Monday, March 28, 2005

A Return To Reason

Those of you that had noticed my disengagement from my blog must have wondered why I discontinued to post. The reasons are somewhat feeble but numerous.

First, I had become despondent over the results of the election. Even now I still have this deep apprehension about Bush's plans for another four years. Although I may not have been posting about the events of the times, I certainly have been paying attention and I have not been wrong in worrying about what will transpire. In the Bush first quarter of a year, the slide of America continues.

Second, the holidays overtook me. It seemed as if suddenly I lost all of my free time, or least the amount of time required to sit down at the keyboard, do the research and compose something relevant and personally important.

Third, after the new year began a combination of cabin fever and job obligations. My employment increased the amount of time required of me. And I can't understate what the effect of this long winter up here in MIchigan has had on my spirit. Until recently I was half wondering if global warming was here to stay and whether the Detroit area would always remain in a deep chill. Call it cabin fever writing block.

Finally, I was not happy with the general tone of my blog, I felt it was becoming my personal complaint department for events of the day. I hope to change that tone this time around. Surely I will still have my complaints, but I hope to intersperse those complaints with some posts of humor.

Ultimately I can't remain silent. I have a big mouth I guess, but with little opportunity to express my views fully except in this piece of the net.


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