Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Clinton Library

I have to comment on the ceremony for the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library and how bizarre it seemed. So soon after the election with the former presidential guests of Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush on hand with President Bush.

Other guests included Al Gore and John Kerry. Add in Bill Clinton's wife Senator Hillary Clinton the whole show seemed like a bunch of former warriors breaking bread. Some of the video showed Clinton leaning across to the President and having a long conversation with Hillary in the middle listening in and everyone holding umbrellas in the rain.

Consider the old political wars these people have been involved in. Going back to 1992 Bill Clinton beat incumbent President George H. W. Bush. Clinton served his eight years and his vice president Al Gore ended up losing the 2000 election (but winning the popular vote) to George W. Bush. This past election another guest John Kerry loses (but wait, there is going to be a recount in Ohio) to Bush. Sitting just a seat away from Bush is Hillary who is suspected of being interested in running in 2008 (as John Kerry might as well).

I was briefly surprised when the current president spoke and dolloped out the compliments but almost had another malapropism. He said that Clinton as president worked hard at his job (and I wondered if he meant "blow"). Bush 41 and Carter also were complimentary and threw in a few jokes.

The entertainment was varied but the most memorial was Bono and Edge of U2 following President Bush's speech. First they sang a rendering of the Beatles' "Rain" throwing in a line about "getting four presidents out of bed." They followed that with my favorite U2 song, "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."

It's strange how ex-presidents only get together for presidential library openings and when a former president dies. I think they should get together once a year in some old stank tavern and get rolling drunk with the scores of Secret Service agents that protect these guys looking on. Just think of the fits of laughter and slurred speech debates on differences of opinion.

H. W. Bush; You beat da panshts off me in '92.
Clinton; Pants off? You rereadin' the Shstarr Report again?
Carter; I had lust in my heart. I think I shaid that once.
Dubya Bush; OK, I'll have a beer. By the way did you hear, I'm the President! Na, na, na, na, naya.


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