Friday, November 12, 2004

FOX Movie Reviews

A few weeks ago I rented a couple of DVDs that were FOX News related.

The first one was called "Outfoxed" and I give the flick two thumbs up and a big toe up as well. I had been wanting to see this documentary for some time now at the theater, but I just didn't see it playing anywhere. It probably was at some of the independent theaters but I must have missed it. Anyway, it is a splicing together of months of FOX News that showed how biased to the right that station really is. I don't watch FOX except for maybe 10 to 15 minutes a week. I stop by and confirm my worst fears and move on to C-SPAN or something.

So I was surprised at how viscious some of the talking heads on FOX can be. I was downright angry at a clip of Bill O'Reilly lambasting a son of a man who died in the towers of 9/11. A funny but sad section of the film showed repeated statements of many different pundits spouting an almost exact conservative talking point. Jon Stewart ran a similar bit on The Daily Show. The talking points that are repeated ad nasuem on all the cable news channels by the conservatives reminds me how propagandistic these cons are. If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it, some Nazi had said, Goebbels?

Anyway, I recommend renting "Outfoxed" but I think you should stay away from "The Day After Tomorrow." This is the movie about global warming. A special effects bondoogle with an unlikely theory that global warming happens in about three days. And as most blockbuster disaster films it seems to only affect about eleven people, the paid stars of the movie. I found myself laughing at the most serious parts of the film rather than be scared as I think was the intent.

The most humorous sections of the movie were the product placement of FOX TV outlets. Every time there was a need for reporters or TV involvement, there was the FOX logo for whatever city was in the scene. I actually cheered at one point. There was this reporter (FOX of course) that was live on the street during some disaster (I believe it was the triple hurricanes in Los Angeles) screaming his report back to the viewers when along comes a big truck flying along the street and smashes the reporter and carries him away out of the scene. I had to cheer, I had become sick of the product placement. And the end which I won't give away in case you might be interested in renting it, was typical disaster movie lame.

The Day After Tomorrow....stinko


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