Friday, November 05, 2004

Post Election Poem

The election is over, and I'm a little bit mad,
Bush was the winner, I think we've been had.

In Ohio and Florida, the exit polls said,
that Kerry would win, those states were not red.

These states would be blue, was what we all thought,
but Bush turned the tables, and Kerry was caught.

The touch screen machines, were used en mass,
but did the votes count, did they total each pass?

We cant rant and rave, we can even wail,
for there is no proof, with no paper trail.

So now I will worry, and now I will fret,
there will be no uniting, on that you can bet.

Bush claims a mandate, he will rule like a king,
because the cons hold the power, and that's the thing.

Corporations will love it, they can sing and dance,
handouts galore, at every chance.

The country's in debt, Bush will cut taxes some more,
the rich will get richer, who cares 'bout the poor?

The Iraq War continues, more blunders await,
Bush keeps on killing, he loves oil and hate.

Another four years, this was my worst fear,
what can I do, 'cept cry in my beer.


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