Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins, Now What?

Just past 1130am this morning the news reported that John Kerry phoned George Bush to concede the election. Kerry will announce to the public his concession at around 100pm and Bush will speak publicly sometime this afternoon.

My question is, Now What? I ask this because George Bush didn't speak at all about what his agenda would be for a second term. He gave us no proposals, no intiatives, no plans, but you know darn well that he and his henchman (Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, Don Rumsfeld) have been deep in plans for months. And as Congress has been tipped even further to the right (more Republican wins) I have to be a tad scared at what these people are devising for our country. I can just picture them rubbing their hands together and erupting with devious laughter of "aha, ha, ha, he, he, he!"

The cable news shows have been speculating about how the Bush Administration will rule with a Republican majority in Congress but still a rather divided nation populationwise. They wonder whether Bush will work with Democrats. I don't expect any concillatory moves toward the Democrats behind the scenes. In public the Bush gang will act like they love the Democrats, but they will be pushing the conservative cause relentlessly.

The senate minority leader, Democrat Tom Daschle lost his election, so the Democrats will have to find a new leader in the senate. Kerry is still a senator, I wonder if the Democrats might consider taking a stand and choose him for their minority leader as a sign that they are not about to concede the agenda.

There is still the Iraq War that half the country now believes was a mistake to start. I have to believe that the Bushies might be willing to level that country to get their victory in order to be able to get the troops out before 2008. Those troops may be needed for other wars they have in their hidden agenda. I still don't think a draft is out of the question, no one suspects that the draftees would not be for actual fighting, but to fill in as support roles.

We can safely assume that corporations will have essentially a blank check to cash. We can expect more jobs heading out of the country. We can expect more damage to the environment. As John Kerry explained, "more of the same."

I have a bunch of worry about the Bush path. I wonder how soon these guys will reveal their intentions.


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