Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Poem

Today is election day, so get out and vote.
Don't pick a guy who reads "The Pet Goat."

At the top of the ballot, the presidential pick.
Four more years of Bush will make me sick.

Bush bumbles his words, he can barely speak,
without a teleprompter, his knees get weak.

Throw that bum out who sits in the house.
He lies for a living, what a big louse.

I just have to say, you can kiss my tush,
if you believe all the lies from President Bush.

He failed in business, he quit the guard,
silver spooned Bush, the choice is not hard.

This is democracy, time to choose,
please pick Kerry, so Bush will lose.

The deficit in the red, the federal debt grows.
Bush the drunken sailor, the spending, it flows.

Send Bush back to Texas, make it a rush.
He can hang at the ranch and clear the brush.

George kills people because he starts war,
If he is elected we will probably get more.

We can do better, than Bush the divider,
Give Kerry a chance, to be the uniter.

Mark it for Kerry, I again repeat,
send George back to Texas, in utter defeat!


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