Sunday, October 24, 2004

Running On Ugly

I've become so sick of this election season and the attacks are getting ugly. Maybe I'm just noticing it more this time around as the Internet has allowed me to see more examples of the ugliness.

For instance Tom Daschle in his senate race has been slammed by stickers of "Vote for Daschle & Vote for SODOMY." Ugly. A Republican mailing in other states claimed Democrats want to ban the bible. Total hooey.

I have received several mailings this week and I was a bit shocked at the tone against one candidate from two different mailings. One claimed that the Democrat running as my state representative "supports dangerous ideas." Fear, danger, watch out!

Another mailing against this same candidate had pictures of coke lines. Fear, danger, drug mania!

As of yet I've not received mailings with any attacks on this candidates Republican opponent. I have to wonder if maybe the Democrat is leading in the polls, although I have no information on this as this is a state representative position and no media polls this race. The polling is probably internal party polling.

I've been looking at all the political mailings I've received and all the ones for local candidates have been positive (except for the two above examples) because they are sent from proponents of the candidates or from the actual candidates.

The other exceptions are for the presidential race. BOTH campaigns are sending negative mailings. At this point in the race I absolutely don't expect any positive mailings for either Bush or Kerry. It will be attack, attack, attack from here on out. So this is how the few undecided voters are suppose to finally make up their minds, get information from all the negativity. At least this is how the two presidential campaigns believe.

Ugly politics is nothing new in America, it has been going on since the dawn of democracy. We will probably never solve this aspect until it is proved it doesn't work. And there lies the problem, it works. If you can get voters to fear your opponent, you win. But logically, if both candidates are running on ugly, then both candidates ARE ugly.

Once again we are voting for the lesser of two evils. We know this because both candidates have told us that the other side IS evil. Both sides have shown their ugly sides by using ugly politics. Running on ugly, gives us a choice between ugly and ugly. I'm so PROUD of American politics, we do ugly better than anyone else.


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