Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oil For Food Finger Pointing

Sometimes the conservatives are so quick to spin a story in their favor that when more facts come out their spin soon topples and stops.

Conservatives wanted to selectively use the recent Duelfer Report concerning the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to criticize the UN oil for food program. The report true enough explained that Iraq was gaming the program, but conservatives were too fast on the gun pointing the finger at Russia, France and China. Days later it was found that five American oil companies were involved as well. WHOOPS! The eerie silence now emanating from conservatives is revealing.

Chevron-Texaco, Exxon Mobil, El Paso, Valero, and the Coastal Corp. were all involved in some way (under investigation) with Iraq possibly with the oil for food program. Conservatives wouldn't want to criticize them would they? Not a chance, they contributed at least $8.4 million to Republicans since 2000, and helped underwrite conservative publications and think tanks.

The political reality is that the Duelfer Report was damning to the Bush Administration as it showed how utterly devoid of WMDs Iraq was. It showed that Iraq was absolutely not an immediate threat to the United States or any other country for that matter. So conservatives had to find something else in the report to spin something positive for themselves. Too quick to spin about the gaming of the oil for food program, they missed the part about American oil companies. Instead of waiting for the several investigations into that program to be completed, conservatives jumped the gun.

We will know more when the investigations are completed. But for now it looks as if the conservatives pointed fingers and those fingers are now pointed back at them.


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