Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Coalition Of The Really Missing

In an earlier post I made on 10/8/04 called Coalition Of The Missing, I noted how I couldn't link to the White House coalition list of countries.

I came across another blogger who had the same questions and has now answered the question. The White House scrubbed the list and the link to that list. Bradblog had wondered the same question I did, whether the Iraqi Security Forces were on the list as Dick Cheney had claimed in the vice presidential debate.

So apparently the White House answered the question by eliminating the list. No surprise as the list keeps shrinking, they should now be calling it the Coalition Of The Dwindling. Poland has recently suggested that all of their troops will be gone some time next year and Britain has reduced its troop levels. At least six countries from the original list have pulled out of Iraq, but many on that original list had sent no troops in the first place as they didn't even have a military.

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Blogger tom pea said...

State Dept is up to the same thing, that missing page which listed the countries in which al Qaeda operates dated from 11/01. The kicker is that the page did NOT list Iraq, but did list the US.
These guys are aparently trying to expunge anything that might expose their deceptions.
I posted my piece on the State Dept page on my blog at:

It has a link back to you.
thanks, tom pea

11:59 PM  

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