Monday, October 11, 2004

Blog The Freeway

Some days I seem to have too much to say. Some days I can't decide what is more important between a few ideas. Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging for various reasons (lately I've been under the weather). And occasionally I just don't want to put fingers to keyboard.

Today, I just want to inform about a website.

If you have had an urge to advertise your political sentiments but don't have the money to buy expensive billboard space, there is always "do it yourself." I'm not speaking of graffiti which is a problem to remove, just grab yourself some cardboard, write on it in very large letters the sentiment you wish to convey and then find a place along the freeway where it might be seen for a few hours or so before someone finally removes it.

Bear in mind it might not be quite legal, but in the big picture of breaking laws it probably is less of a crime than how many of the drivers speeding along on the freeway break laws.

The website "freeway blogger" can give you advice on how to post your freeway message. Try it out...


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