Friday, October 08, 2004

Coalition Of The Missing?

I have been having trouble finding an updated list of the "coalition of the willing" on the White House website. I had been wondering if Costa Rica had been placated and had their name removed from the list. I am also curious if the list included the Iraqi security forces as Dick Cheney included them on the list in the vice presidential debates.

The only list I've been able to find is one from March 2003 (the link).

I did find a reference to a list at the website which was this address,

At this site there is a link entitled "Who are the Coalition members?" but when I opt for that link it comes up as an error page.

"The file you have attempted to access cannot be found. Please check the URL you entered to make sure there were no typing or copy-and-paste errors. You may also use our search facility to help you find the file you are looking for."

Clicking their link apparently is my mistake?

I had found a reference to the list including the web address in a Washington Times article (which remarked the list was dated Feb. 2004) and was given the same error message.

I'm getting a little suspicious. Has the White House decided the coalition list is not good for publicity anymore? I wonder with the last two debates having references to the coalition whether the White House was getting alot of hits and in turn embarrassment at an inaccurate list. I wonder whether Costa Rica caused them to attempt to update the list, but they don't even know who are still members of the coalition.

If anyone knows of an official White House coalition list updated in recent months, please let me know what the URL is.

March 2003 coalition of the willing list (with countries that have since pulled out of the coalition)...


Blogger tom pea said...

Curious. I posted about a missing page at the State Dept website on my blog. There was a page there, dating from 11/01 which listed the countries in which al Qaeda operates. Iraq was not listed, but he US was,(wow). As of 10/18/04, that page gives an error message about site reconstruction.
I have this vision of little webmasters frantically clicking in order to expunge damning evidence which contradicts their public statements. Fortunately, DU has an archived copy of the page from State.
I will note your entry on my blog and link back to this story.
If anyone is interested, I have 5 or 6 paragraphs outlining the issue at my place. The link is below.
blog on,
tom pea

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