Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bush Is Caught In The Internets

Last nights debate President Bush offered up another Bushism, his penchant for fumbling his words. To me it was revealing and when I heard him utter it I was struck with the thought that he doesn't know the subject. Here it was from the transcript,
GIBSON: We're going to move on, Mr. President, with a question for you. And it comes from Daniel Farley. Mr. Farley?

FARLEY: Mr. President, since we continue to police the world, how do you intend to maintain our military presence without reinstituting a draft?

BUSH: Yes, that's a great question. Thanks.

I hear there's rumors on the Internets (sic) that we're going to have a draft. We're not going to have a draft, period....
Internets? Only someone not familar with the Internet would pluralize it. Think abut it. When you talk to anyone about going online and you verbally refer to it, do you ever pluralize the word Internet? Have you ever accidently thrown an ess on to the word? Not likely once you learned the word. Many of us refer to it in the shortened version, "the net." Even then we don't pluralize it to "the nets."

This reminds me of Bush's father back in 1992 who was unfamiliar with scanners at the grocery store checkout line. All of us common people had experienced scanners for years, but Bush's father was dumbfounded by the technology.

I have to think Bush must avoid the Internet and be ignorant of the technology. Once again all of us commoners are aware of an increasingly everyday part of our lives and Bush just tipped us off that he isn't.

This doesn't really surprise me. He has spoken openly of not liking to read. The Internet is all about reading. I find this very disquieting. In the age of the Internet and the need for reading skills, our leader doesn't like to read and thinks we live in the age of the Internets. Further, what kind of an example can he really offer school kids? He can listen along to an elementary book like My Pet Goat, but would he be in the dark when those same students showed Bush their Internet knowledge?

And you know that any kids watching the debate must have sat up and snickered at Bush saying Internets. A ten year old might not know much about the boring subjects of economics or taxes, but they instantly understood they knew more than our president about the Internet.

I can't imagine George Bush does much swimming on the Internets, checking out spiderwebsites, talking rooms and certainly not my webtimber.


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