Saturday, October 30, 2004

Blog In Triplicate

If you haven't noticed, my last three blogs "Election Violence" are all the same. I don't understand exactly what happened but I swear it's not my fault.

When I tried publishing the post, a publishing error resulted and stated that the post couldn't be published. So I tried again, same deal and then I tried once more, same problem. I gave up and checked my blog and there they were, the same blog three times.

Well, I didn't want the same blog in triplicate, so I went back and deleted two of them. Checking my blog, that didn't work so I deleted the remaining one and decided to wait. Well, that didn't work either. All three posts are still on my blog and I have no versions of the post to delete anymore. I guess I'm stuck with three posts of the same blog.

This gets stranger. When I published this post just a few minutes ago, the three posts disappeared. Fortunately I did have a version of the "Election Violence" post still as a draft. I posted that and it worked. So now everything is straightened out.

I wonder if was playing some type of holloween joke on me?


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