Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kerry Wins Ohio, If Investigated

Please read the entire article I link here. I could never do justice to the all the irregularities mentioned in the article. Ohio needs a recount, that is evident.

It is not too late to change our 2004 unofficial election results. There is a growing buzz in the political blogs about election fraud. Blogs can be the first step toward mainstream media reporting. Blogs can also organize a response. Let's get going on this as the electoral college doesn't vote until December 13th. has been sourcing news reports about articles of election irregularities and fraud, see them as well. We may need to produce an online petition (does anyone know of one?). We need to back the investigation called for by three House of Representative members (see my previous post). We need to email our representatives (particularily senators) copies of this letter and ask they sign on.

Take action, election fraud is too serious to ignore.


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