Monday, November 22, 2004

Tom Delay, De Lawless

So now it is quite evident what a bunch of selfserving hypocrites the Republicans in Congress really are. Last Wednesday these two-faced immoral band of bastards changed a rule that would have forced Tom Delay to give up his leadership position if he were to be indicted. A little history about Tom Delay and his new rule (from various news sources).
The Republicans created the rule themselves back in 1993, modeling it after a similar Democratic caucus rule, in a feeble attempt to embarrass powerful Democrats like then-Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois. He eventually was convicted of mail fraud

There is no indication that DeLay, a 57-year-old Texan, will be indicted in connection with a Travis County, Texas, campaign finance investigation. The grand jury is probing alleged irregularities in 2002 state legislative races. Republican victories in those contests enabled DeLay ultimately to win support for a congressional redistricting plan that resulted in the GOP's gain of five House seats in Texas in this month's elections. In September, the grand jury indicted three political operatives associated with DeLay and eight companies, alleging campaign finance violations related to corporate money spent in the 2002 legislative races. The corporate donations were made to Texans for a Republican Majority, a political action committee created with help from DeLay.

For months, outraged Democrats called for the resignation of DeLay citing a "disturbing pattern of corruption," and those calls increased after DeLay's censure last month by a House ethics panel for improper activities and abuse of power.
DeLay, who as House Majority Leader is the number-two member in the chamber, was rebuked last month for taking part in a golf fundraiser in June 2002 with officials from a large energy company while key energy legislation was being debated in Congress.

He was also reprimanded for improperly encouraging federal officials in May 2003 to track down Texas State House Democrats who had fled to Oklahoma to avoid a Draconian redistricting plan he had devised. And in October, he was admonished for trying to improperly influence the vote of a fellow Republican during a key congressional vote in 2003.

This new rule change is obviously an attempt to save face for Tom Delay in case he is indicted back in Texas. The Republicans do this despite the three recent problems that Tom Delay was cited for already. You would think they would be doing just the opposite and trying to distance themselves from this man who is showing his disrespect for rules and laws. So it is quite clear that these conservatives are full of shit, where's the morality they like to talk about?

Maybe we should be looking at Tom Delay and start considering him an example for how all Americans should live their lives. It's time we just say screw the laws and start breaking them. Rules? Why follow them, they are made to be broken. And when we see others break the law, let's protect them from arrest. I'm so glad the conservatives have set me free. Screw the morality of following laws and rules, we have the conservatives to lead by example.

Next time I see a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on a vehicle I just may consider cutting that car off in traffic and signaling with my middle finger, afterall the conservatives don't give a rats ass about rules and laws, so why should I? Maybe it's their God they talk about so much that blesses their disregard for following rules. I must be praying to the wrong God, theirs is so much more lenient. The conservatives' God has no problem with hypocrisy and corruption, how lucky they are.


Blogger Foston said...

This is beautiful. I have been following this pretty closely. One thing I give credit to the Republicans for: They have amazing timing. They waited until after the election, when everyone was exhausted with politcal news. No one even listened.

I find the whole redistricting thing disgusting. No one valued the dissent of the Democrats that is SO necessary for the survival of our Democracy. No news station even really covered it for the scandal it was. That it was financed by the likes of Enron deserved even more attention, but no one really cared. That it threatens our Democracy is really beyond the scope of the latest happenings of NBC's "friends" if ya know what I mean.

The Republicans have shown they are full of shit on this one. Tommy Boy got away with a big one, and it taints the integity of the Republican Party in a huge way.

4:18 PM  
Blogger jon said...

Not that I don't think Democrats are not capable and have done similar stuff in the past, but many Republicans have become to feel Godlike. It's pure hubris. They have this feeling that they are the majority and that entitles them to do most anything. I certainly expect the next few years to have plenty of this type of arrogance from the Republicans, hopefully enough of it will be their downfall.

4:01 PM  

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