Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bush Can't Get a Hit

Lately it's not hard to find criticism of President Bush as to his leadership. His lack of leadership in the wake of Katrina has sent his approval ratings even lower than they were prior to the hurricane. He is at his all-time low, and no wonder.

My only wonder is, why has it taken so long? Why have so many people been fooled by Bush all this time? Bush has never been what he appears to be, or what his handlers project him to be. There are so many quotes and incidents involving Bush, that the sheer preponderance of these would clue any clear thinking person into the truth of Bush.

Bush once said, "I believe God wants me to be president." It would take a real egomaniac to say something like that, and I would wonder why wouldn't a religious person question how Bush could be so presumptious to know what God meant. Unless they thought God talks to Bush.

Bush also once mocked a death row female to a reporter, laughing at her pleadings for mercy. Only a cold hearted person would do that, and certainly not someone who professes to believe in God, or at least a God that Jesus believed in. A God of love.

As far as some of the editorials I've seen questioning Bush's leadership, I was struck by one written by Al Neuharth of USAToday from the Friday edition. He uses the vehicle of a baseball batting average to rate Bush's leadership. Neuharth states that he gives Bush two strikeouts, one each for the Iraq War and Katrina, but then gives Bush a homerun for 9/11. So Bush's average would be .333, with one homerun and two outs, both strikeouts.

Based on this standard, I have to highly disagree with the homerun. I've seen the video of Bush sitting in that Florida classroom after learning from White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card that America is under attack. Bush was at a loss for how to lead. He just sits there, doing nothing. Meanwhile in New York people are jumping out of the windows of the World Trade Center towers trapped by the fires. Firemen and police drop everything and race to the scene (that's leadership).

Back in Florida, Bush continues to sit and can't seem to even think of an excuse to give the children so as to be able to leave and become a leader at such an important time. "We are under attack." For ten long minutes he just mulls this over and then after the story is finished he still does not immediately exit the classroom, he chats with the teacher. Being president is the job he wanted, but at that historic moment being president was not the job he was doing. Outside the classroom are his bevy of aides waiting for his orders, waiting for him to take charge like a president with good leadership qualities would do.

No, I would not give him a homerun for 9/11. I would call that a strikeout as well. As I score his batting average, he is oh-fer three, end of inning. And if that was the ninth inning, then it's time for him to go back to the locker room in defeat. Impeach Bush, recall him, he has failed again.


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