Friday, September 16, 2005

Another Question for the Tinfoil Hat Religious Right

Regarding my last post I thought of another question that I wish I could have answered by the Religious Right leaders that think Katrina was sent by God because America is sinful.

Canada has both legal gay marriage and legal abortion, gambling and is also mostly a Christian country. So why does Canada not get punished by God in some form of a natural disaster? They don't get hurricanes or huge floods, earthquakes or tornados. At least not in comparison to the major catastrophes that America receives.

In fact same-sex marriage was made completely legal in every province in Canada by their parliment just this past July. It seems to me that if God had some sort of wrath about gay marriage it would have been Canada that got blasted by a disaster like hurricane Katrina.

Pat Robertson is one of those tinfoil hat religious leaders that thinks Katrina was sent by God because of our sins. Of course Robertson also recently advocated assissination of an elected leader of another country. If I were to attribute Katrina as God's punishment, it would be because too many Americans let violent thoughts such as Robertson's pass right by. Too many Americans accept Robertson as some sort of expert interpreter of God. That would be my guess as to why God sent Katrina. Not that I believe Katrina was nothing more than a huge weather event.


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