Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bush Blocks EPA Info of New Orleans From Public

Here we go again. The practice of the White House to block the Environmental Protection Agency from releasing information to the public and in turn possibly and probably putting peoples lives in danger simply because the White House doesn't want their plans to be slowed down. This time the EPA information about the flood water in New Orleans is being blocked.

The White House after the 9/11 attack directed the EPA that all media releases be subjected to internal review by the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House. The NCS then altered or deleted information before release to the public. Some of that information that the EPA was ready to release as early as the day after the terrorist attack showed that the air quality in the vicinity of the attack site was dangerous. If the truly accurate information been released people in that area could have taken steps to adapt to the air quality, but the White House didn't believe that that was important.

Now in post-Katrina New Orleans we are having an instant replay. The White House is once again blocking the EPA from releasing critical information about the water quality in the flooded city. Most people in this country having seen news reports on TV probably assume the water has toxicity. Reporters have described the sickening smell and ugly appearance of the flood waters within the city, yet the White House won't let the EPA tell us what's in it?

What is with the White House? Do they not care about the relief workers in the area? Do they not care about the survivors that had to wade around in that muck? Do they not care about New Orleans residents that are beginning to return to the city to reopen businesses?

The answer is no, they don't care.
They didn't care after 9/11, why should we expect them to care this time? We might as well disband the EPA because the Bush White House won't let them release the truthful information the public should know. What is the point of an agency that is to test and then inform the public of health hazards if the White House won't let them do the second part of their mission, inform the public?

On the other hand, it seems there is another option, fire the White House for continued public health endangerment. When including the same practice after 9/11 with post-Katrina we can only conclude that the Bush White House has a history of this practice and can only make one wonder if they have altered or deleted other EPA reports to further risk the public's health. How long must we endure a White House that has not been honest with Americans on so many issues? I believe it is time for Bush to resign or be impeached.


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