Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Katrina Aftermath, What About Rita?

Here we are a few weeks past Katrina landfall and now the Gulf Coast is staring down Rita. Hurricane after huricane, flood followed by flood. Let's hold on about the moving back into New Orleans, let's see what Rita does.

The prediction as of right now; Rita currently a category two hurricane, to gain strength in the warm Gulf of Mexico and turn northwest/north toward Texas and Louisiana.

This just seems too bizarre, almost like a movie you wouldn't write. It's starting to seem like a bad idea to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast just yet. If Rita hits to the west of New Orleans, then that puts Baton Rouge as a target, which has doubled in population from the influx of evacuees. Same with some Texas cities such as Houston and San Antonio. Possible the strangest thing Rita could do would be a repeat on New Orleans. That would be eerily devastating.


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