Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Bush" as a Group

More than ever, I think of the word Bush as a group of people. I may think Bush did something, but it can also be others in his administration or friends. When I think "Bush revealed a CIA agent's name," I know that the real culprits are Karl Rove and Scooter Libby among others. I have to imagine George Bush knows something about the incident, so Bush revealed the CIA agent's name.

When one of the Bush team does or says something rediculous I think "they Bushed that one." Like when two people in the administration admitted on national television that that were not aware that thousands were waiting to be rescued at the New Orleans Convention Center despite that same national television showing video of the starving survivors the day before. Both FEMA head Michael Brown (Bush's Brownie) and Michael Chertoff chief of Homeland Security said that, so I think "they both Bushed that one."

A group of people from the Bush Administration could be called
Bushites or Bushovics. Maybe Bushmen? Or the Bushers, as in "I'm sick of hearing the Bush from these lieing Bushers." The word Bush is a four letter word, we should think of it in just that way. Maybe TV should not be allowed to use Bush because it is thought of as offensive. Comedians telling Bush jokes would get bleeped, no, on second thought, let the jokes fly.

Did you hear that in the early days of the Katrina aftermath a reporter asked Bush about which he favored? Roe vs. Wade? Bush said he didn't care how the evacuees got out of New Orleans.

When Bush strummed the guitar at a birthday party while New Orleans was drowning, I called that a Big Bushing. He was not doing his job (like many in the Bush regime), he was just strummin' or Bushin'. That time it was George himself acting the Busher just Bushin' around on vacation.

A Bush Job is when one of the Bushers gets a great money deal. Like we all know that Vice President Dick Cheney (go Bush yourself, Mr. Cheney) gets an income from Halliburton every year despite the stink of the government awarding Halliburton no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan and now more no-bid contracts for rebuilding New Orleans. That's called a helluva Bush Job.

So many Bushers. Rove, Cheney, Chertoff, Rumsfeld, Hastert, DeLay, Rice, just a part of the group that keeps Bushing us! Bushites, Bushers, Bushanians, no matter what you call them they are giving us the Bushshit. We need some anti-Bush serum. I'd call for a shot in the Bush arm, flavored with impeach mint.


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