Saturday, December 31, 2005

All Quiet On The Washington Front

It's been a relief that Christmas came and went and no news came out of Washington, DC. Of course we know that the reason that all is quiet from our capital is that President Bush is on another vacation in Texas, and that Congress has adjourned for the holidays.

What is so great about this is that these politicians running our lives do far less damage by doing nothing than by doing something. We don't have Congress passing budgets that screw plenty of somebodies or writing new laws that we probably don't even need. We don't have new revelations from the White House of hidden agendas or President Bush with his mistatements and half-truths.

It's times like this Beltway hiatus that I wonder if America would be better off not even having a full time government. It's been joyful not hearing some DC politician telling us what is good for us (which usually causes me to do some serious eye-rolling). It's been wonderful not seeing politicians from the two political parties verbally duke it out over some issue that they probably don't even plan to solve.

A part-time government is not such a strange idea. Several states have part-time legislatures. Oregon for instance only meets every other year to basically settle the budget. Sure, that might not be often enough for the federal government, but a reduced time in session for Congress might be beneficial for us citizens. George Bush can take more vacations if you ask me (I'd opt for a permement vacation if I had my way) he seems easier to take when I don't see his ugly mug on TV daily. And if Dick Cheney stayed in an undisclosed location for another three years, I'd be a happy guy.

Now if only we could change how Congress gives themselves raises. Even if they did reduce their time in Washington, they'd still increase their pay every year, I'd have no doubt. Most people don't know that they don't vote for a pay raise, they actually vote not to cancel the yearly automatic pay raise, which as far as I know they never do.

Wouldn't that be nice for the rest of us. We'd get a raise evey year UNLESS we said no! Shoot there's another perk these politicians get that most of us are required to do sometime in our work careers, they submit to no drug testing. I had to practically scream at my TV when they held hearings this past year about athletes and drug testing. "Look who's talking" I lashed out at some elected yahoo on my tube. I've had to pee in a few cups in my life just to apply for jobs, so I think that politicians should have to piss for us before running for office, call it my version of clean election campaigns. Yup, Bush and Kerry in 2004 should have been forced to visit the bathroom with an empty cup and returned with it filled with their yellow fluid, and that goes for all who run for Congress.

While I'm on the subject I firmly believe any company that requires drug testing should require ALL employees to be tested to include top executives. Surprise some of them just after their lunch out while their bladders still contain the "two martinis."

At any rate, I'm enjoying the silence from politics. It's too bad it isn't this serene more often. All quiet on the Washington front, short lived as it may be can last a few more weeks in my opinion.


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