Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bush Spies

So now it's been "officially" revealed that the Bush Administration has been spying on U.S. citizens. I say officially because after the New York Times recently published a story about President Bush authorizing the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans, then Bush refused to deny that to reporters. As well the NY Times apparently had not published the story for over a year after the White House claimed that publishing would jepordize on-going investigations.

But this "revelation" is not news to anyone in the peace movement. It has been well known to peace activists that spies had been planted in their groups to monitor their activities since the early run-up to the Iraq War. Even peace movement groups associated with the Christian Quakers (centuries long peaceful protesters) have been infiltrated.

It's always been a curiosity to me as to why people who are non-violent are considered a threat to America or the government, but throughout our history, peace groups have been spied on and considered "subversive."

As to the current government, we well know that they would view a populous that voices opposition to invading other nations (and interfering with their war plans) would be considered the enemy. In public the refrain has been to brand peaceniks as un-American or traitors, simply because they don't want to kill foreigners in foreign lands if those foreigners didn't attack us. Applying the Golden Rule to foreign policy is considered betrayal to America.

Ah, but there's the rub with the so-called Christian Right that permeates the Bush Administration, they don't like to use things like the Golden Rule, or "turn the other cheek" to guide our country. These type of Christians have never cared what Jesus said, only that they get to rule the world, or worse. Some are followers of Revelations and wish to see the world destroyed so that maybe they might be picked to go to heaven.

Beyond that, what is with this administration? In the recent months we've found out that they've spied on us, planted stories in the Iraqi and American press, and advocated torture. These guys are the traitors to America. They are becoming so undemocratic it's pitiful. One wonders why anyone supports this government any more. But maybe that's been their plan all along, make everyone in America hate and fear their own government.


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