Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hey Tom DeLay, What Was the Delay?

Finally Republican Tom DeLay has officially resigned his position as Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. I've wondered what took him so long.

But I haven't wondered too much. It probably had plenty to do with trying to retain power. DeLay had originally temporarily stepped down from the position, but was keeping his foot in the door, so to speak, in hopes of returning to the job. His temporary self-removal was caused by all his ethical problems back in Texas where he is facing indictment for money laundering having to do with shifting campaign funds all over the place in his attempt to cheat Texas campaign finance laws.

As Republicans go, Tom DeLay is no favorite of mine. He is basically ruthless in his pursuit of power. He is an example of what is wrong in politics. Instead of just being a representative that goes to Washington to vote on issues that his constituents would like to have, he had gone overboard in his aspirations of running the Republican Party from the House of Representatives.

He is also closely tied with the in-the-news Republican lobbyist crook Jack Abramoff and probably will get splashed in that growing scandal.

DeLay has been one of those so-called Religious Right politicians, but it turns out he is just a hypocrite. He used the RR to collect campaign money, but it had little to do with pushing their issues and plenty to do with his personal goal of political power. DeLay has also been one of those Republicans that bleat on and on about morality and here he is facing all kinds of ethical charges. It seems like it's always the loudest moralists that then get outed as immoral and unethical.

Abramoff and one his buddies Christian political fund raiser Ralph Reed, both pals of DeLay, it turns out were bilking one casino interest in favor of a different casino interest. So these Christian moralists are not only basically stealing but as well they are favoring gambling. Unless I'm mistaken isn't gambling something conservative Christians aren't too fond of?

DeLay and his many buddies are why Christian Conservatives used to stay out of politics, because they eventually get taken by these conniving crooks. I guess no one learns from history, or rather ignorance of history isn't bliss. These pretend moralistic political scum have succeeded at seperating tons of millions of dollars from conservative church going folk, money better spent on their churches and communities. One wonders if these folks will grow upset with getting robbed by the political snake oil salesmen.

At any rate, SO LONG Tom DeLay, I knew you were a crook and am glad you are getting what you deserve. I'm enjoying your fall from grace because you were always a disgrace.


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