Monday, February 06, 2006

Super? Bowl, From Detroit

Finally the Super Bowl is over and take it from someone that lives in the Detroit area, thank the higher power. In any year the hype for this year end game can be way over the top, but as a resident of the host region, the hype has been endlessly incessant.

For the last two weeks it has been almost impossible to avoid hearing about the "big game." And as the game closed in, it became even more impossible. The two local newspapers, The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, have run endless stories to hype the game. Every section (except the classifieds) of these papers had to way in someway.

The Sunday paper was loaded with Super Bowl articles, every section blathering about players, the effects on business, comparisons to the last time Detroit hosted the game, the parties, the A-B list C-lebs, on and on. And then today's paper was just as fat with Super Bowl crap, I mean how many ways can you describe a game everyone saw? And if a person didn't care to see it, there would be no reason to even buy the newspaper.

Now don't get me wrong, I have football interest, but it's just a game among thousands they play every year. I understand the finality of a season working itself through the playoffs to culminate in a last contest. But I don't understand waiting two weeks to get to the game simply to build more hype. I also don't understand playing the game on a Sunday when a Saturday evening game would make more sense to be able to hold their after-game parties on a more reasonable night where people can get back to work on Monday refreshed.

I could understand the hype here in Detroit more if the Detroit Lions were a participant. Unlike all the other major league sports that host cities have teams in their respectful finals, the Super Bowl is played at a neutral cite making Detroiters nothing but sort of peeping toms, spying on something they aren't a part of. I mean geez, with no home team there's no reason to get so over-excited as to burn a few cars or riot.

Maybe my disinterest in the Super Bowl has something to do with the fact that the Detroit Lions have sucked for so many years and have never appeared in the game, that would make XL years. The Lions have to go back to 19-LVII (1957) to be called an NFL champion, years before the Super Bowl. I've long since given up on the Lions and probably wouldn't car a hoot if they should ever get talented enough to appear in the game.

Fortunately Detroit has the Pistons and Red Wings to follow for a taste of championships and every few decades the Tigers become the toast of the town, but not EVER the Lions in my entire years of living.

Well congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and sorry to the Seattle Seahawks (the team I was sort of pulling for) but it's been tiring waiting for the game to come and go. So, get the hell out of town and take the massive amounts of media personnel and the who cares celebrities with you please. It's time for Detroit to clean up after the partying and go back to being the average, grimy, unemployed, freeway quagmired, metropolis.


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