Friday, February 24, 2006

Bumped Butt Bone

The other day I bumped my butt bone and now it's been bugging me. That's not to say that I have a bug in my butt, that would be awful. But, my butt does hurt.

I think it happened at work, I vaguely remember bending down to pick something up and when I stood up my butt made hard contact with something like a table. It's one of those injuries I get when I work, where I bump, burn, wrench or cut myself somewhere on my body but don't stop to really investigate what happened because I'm concentrating or hurrying on a task. It's not until later that I notice I hurt.

Now this bumped butt is a bummer or is that my bumped bum is a butter? I can only sit down in certain ways without pain. Driving a car is one of those places where sitting is none too comfortable. And an easy chair is not easy! Sitting forward is painless, so a toilet seat is more comfortable than laying back on a couch, this is not fair. I feel like I'm in the bizarro world for seating. Standing or walking is painless, but I can't do that 24/7. And don't mention bending over, owwww.

The spinebone is connected to the butt bone, the butt bone is connected to....I guess nothing. It's the end of line, so to speak. I looked up the medical word for the butt bone and that word is hardly comforting, it's the coccyx, pronounced cock-sicks which according to the dictionary is so called because the bone is the shape of a cuckoo's beak. Which I don't quite get, wouldn't that be the kook-sicks?

I've been telling people that I hurt my coccyx and I get strange looks, afterall it does sound more like something located in a frontal location, groin high. No, I didn't hurt my cock and it ain't sick either. Someone asked me if I got that word out of a thesarus, I said "yeah, the sore ass, because that's what I've got."

I can only say at this point that I hope this discomfort goes away. I'm guessing that I slightly fractured my coccyx, but what could a doctor do, put me in a waist cast? It will just have to heal over time. So for now I'm trying not to sit too hard or in a formerly relaxing manner.


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