Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush Caught Lying Again, Umpteenth

Well, surprise, surprise, President Bush gets caught in another lie. In a press conference awhile ago, Bush claimed that no one could have forseen the levees breaking in New Orleans. Now a video has been released showing ex-FEMA director Michael Brown explaining to Bush that Katrina was the big one they've been worried about. Warnings included possible breaches to the levees. As well, a top meteorologists explained the possibilities.

You can see the video of the briefing here.

More conclusive evidence of the way Bush and the White House has operated from day one. Deny first, before even attempting to tell the truth. Lie, obscure the facts, change the subject, anything but the truth, anything but taking responsibility.

Add this to the recently released testimony that the White House ignored assessments of the dangers of an Iraqi insurgency that went unheeded and unbelieved. This was from a National Intelligence Estimate from October 2003. Just as the Bushies ignored intelligence that didn't back up their ideas of Saddam's WMDs, this report was dismissed.

Simply put the Bush bunglers dream up their own version of the world and anybody or anything that disagrees with them is dismissed, pooh-poohed, and ignored. How anyone can find that this attitude is good for the security of the United States is beyond me. Particularily at this point in time when it's been revealed that this dismissal of contrary points of view turned out to be bad policy and mistakes. The advice given has been correct, the Bush viewpoints have been wrong.

And I have to improve my assessment of Michael Brown. He quite clearly warned Bush and Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff of an impending disaster. Brownie was certainly made out as the designated scapegoat despite his obvious awareness of Katrina's potential devastation, despite reporting this to his superiors.


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