Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hysterical Channel

I like history probably because history is all there really is. My entire blog is history, it's already been written. Even that last sentence is now history. Each word that I type becomes instant history. History happens faster than a person can write it.

I like historical movies, history on TV and books about history. But I feel that in specific subjects or timeframes of history as opposed to just things that have already happened the subject must be truthful and factual to be real history. Which is why I have to wonder at the programming that the History Channel runs sometimes.

The History Channel is among the channels that I will flip to when channel surfing hoping to find a good history story. But far too often what I find there I would be generous in naming it history.

Remember I expect history to be factual and truthful, so when the History Channel has yet another episode of UFO history, I just have to think "Whoa! That's not history." Of course that statement will offend UFO believers, which is a majority of Americans. Or what of the shows the History Channel will do about ghosts or psychics or Bigfoot or the Lock Ness Monster?

One of the stations more popular shows, I'm assuming it's popular as it is run nearly endlessly some days, is Modern Marvels. This is a show about man-made things like bridges and buildings. I saw the recent promo for the next episode on the subject of glue. OK, I suppose the invention and development of glue can be considered history, yet I don't know, glue? I suppose the episode could provide some good answers to a Jeopardy question.

I have a feeling though that if I was given control of programming at the History Channel the ratings would fall. Out would be all of the guessing history such as Bigfoot and the others I mentioned above. UFO shows would be sold to the Sci-Fi Channel. Sure that stuff probably attracts viewers, but to me those paranormal subjects make me want to rename the channel, The Hysterical Channel.


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