Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three Years Later

Today is the third aniversary of the terrorist attack in New York and Washington. I'm not going to comment much on the subject as the media will do that plenty. I do want to make a few points from the perspective of three years later.

1) The Bush Administration still has not captured Osama bin Laden.

2) The Bush Administration opposed an investigation into what happened three years ago. The White House stonewalled the committee on requested documents and tried to avoid testifying. Remember George Bush refused to testify and then finally relented when he didn't have to be under oath and also as long as Dick Cheney appeared with him to hold his hand. Additionally the Republican Congress didn't want to give additional funding or extend the time frame the committee requested.

3) Of the many recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission, virtually none have been acted on.

4) The most dispicable thing the Bush Administration did to New Yorkers following that fateful event was their cover-up as to the air quality during the days and weeks following the fall of the towers. The EPA by direction of the White House downplayed the dangers of the air particle contaminants. This was found out over a year later when an EPA watchdog revealed how the White House edited the wording of the air quality statements. Many New Yorkers have experienced lung ailments since 9/11. For this reason alone Bush should be fired. Read about it...


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